by Erica Freas

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    Belly is 10 tracks of original (and, well, some reused from RVIVR, Lightning Round and previous demos...) songs by me, Erica Freas. This digital version comes with handwritten lyrics and the cover image for your fuckin enjoyment. Okay plus I went ahead and uploaded a video of "Belly" played on a pump organ which SOME OF you have surely seen on TV/YouTube. Rock on.
    You can order a physical copy at The vinyl will be ready in February. Thank you!!
    Belly is also available for download on the rumbletowne site for free/donation, just like all of rumbletowne's releases. It's super cool to support independent music and I'll be grateful for all the support I can get! Either way I want you to have the record and don't want money to be an obstacle.
    That's the news.
    Peace out!
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Beautiful music with smart lyrics and casual swearing.
Rumbletowne Records -


released 29 November 2012

All songs written and played by Erica Freas (guitar, voice, cello).
Gramma adapted from the RVIVR version
Most songs tracked by Alanna Paoli at the Beer Store in late Winter 2012.
The Joester (Left Field Studios) tracked "The Sound" & "Belly" as well as saved the day by mixing and mastering everything at PUNKALL in the late Summer of the same damn year. All of this happened in Olympia, WA USA.
Extra voices - Kendra Kamilche Freas (Bear Teeth), Meg Martin, Tanner, Kevin (Swimming)



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Track Name: Song for a Mermaid
Listen to me / as vast as the salt seas / those uncharted waters / these Kamilche daughters. / No one knows our siren songs like we do. / Pulling on the new moon like we do. / The tales are true / as bright as the moon / a canvas for daydreamers in the night. / No one knows our dark sides like we do. / Howling at the full moon like we do. / Look in wide eyed owl / there's a rose garden inside / we'd wrap up in each other / let our skin be our disguise / our blood rides in tandem / we've been wove on the same loom. / No one knows our insides like we do. / No one knows which is which size like we do. / To me you are like breathing / you're like food. / Mermaid and unicorn to tell it true. / Unicorn and mermaid me and you.
Track Name: Bear Teeth
strong child on the North beach / just East of the dark sea / with her bear cloak / and her crystal dagger / disaster / move faster / strong child with bared teeth / bear you heavy wings / there's ash on your shoulder / it smolders / get bolder / get bigger not older / a fighter / not a soldier / hot breath / unfold her / the night's just getting colder / strong child / that's in me / I'll hold her / I'll hold me / I'll rock me / so I can sleep
Track Name: Paper Thin
Rip out your heart / show you the skin / pulsing perfect paper thin. / Pull out your eyes / how the light does shine / inside those gaping holes your brilliant mind. / You say "There's no time / we'll never be fine / this world's just a disaster in disguise." / but you don't know / and we're scared of the unknown. / I know you know more than you think you know. / Cuz your hollow bones / can't leave the sky alone / your feathers falling for the ground below. / I'll see you sometimes / we'll fall in side by side / its daytime and the sun shines in your eyes. / We've got time / there's plenty of time / we'll eat the whole world with our eyes. / You don't know. / I know you know. / You don't think so / I think so. / We'll all die / everything good dies / just now feel that bloody warmth makes you alive.
Track Name: Spider Song
Twisting and grasping and I cannot find her / first it was her body, last night was her web. / Glistening gossamer stretched from my pillow where I'd laid my head / now I stretch my mind trying to find what she said. / I wake and it's all faded away / and in the daytime I'm left to figure it out on my own. / Someone tried to teach me to never say "never." / It's so funny I never saw that one again. / I'm sure they're still somewhere deep down in the dirt in the back of my head, / they just never call me it's not like they're dead. / You can love someone and just not stay friends. / Wake one day and it's all faded away / and in the daytime I know I've faded plenty on my own. / And you used to tell me how you'd live forever / it's okay that's not what you tell me anymore. / I used to imagine that you'd disappear as I became a crone... / either way I'd lose track of your flesh and your bone. / I'd try not to be scared as I walked on alone. / Wake one day and it's all faded away / and in the daytime I know I've learned how to walk on my own. / I wake and it's all faded away / and in the daytime I know I've woven a web of my own.
Track Name: Gramma
Trees drop their leaves / they fall by so fast / that you don't even notice the weather / looked up and you'd passed and I'd thought that you'd live forever / now you're gone forever. / There were new stories just last time I saw her / from the life of my mama's mother / we'll have to dream 'bout the ones that we missed / because nothing 'bout life is forever. / I'll love you forever. / Forever spreads and blocks the way / the future folds into today / fighting the wish to make you stay / you have to go and that's okay.
Track Name: Rain Spell
Don't fucking say to be patient / this heart is hurt and it's profound / letting these palms / blister and burn / time's a rope / as we lower / this house into the ground. / We'll still bury Grae by Mama Kitty / we'll just use the dirt inside our heads. / How can we learn to count on anything / when everything we want in life is bound to end? / Let our hearts hold to the good parts / and our wounds scar in good looking ways / we wanna love / what we had while we had it / and not carry a scorched memory / for the rest of our days. / I can smell her carcass rotting / from one thousand miles away / but we all know / how a soul / gets entangled / like in the bones and in the bodies of all the punks at VVK. / Let our hearts hold to the good parts / and our wounds scar in good looking ways / we wanna love / what we had while we had it / and in the end we all know / it's the people and not the place...
Track Name: Demon
Must have been a demon just working inside. / I heard her speaking, she saw through my eyes. / And I just found out. / And now I'm dying. / It's not like you never did wrong, / yeah, you fucking hurt me, / it's just I've been singing that song for what feels like a century. / I was stuck in that storm, / my heart had been torn out by the shame and the danger, / and I wanna be done. / Because this life lasts a lifetime before we hit the ground. / We'll fuck each other over and let each other down. / And I know I didn't do right, but at least I tried, / and after all of these years of wonder, / why would I be surprised? / So I waited forever for your version of this song. / Or maybe a letter, / but it never did come. / Sometimes getting lost in the tide is just part of life, / it'll kill us or make us grow stronger and I plan to survive.
Track Name: The Sound
It's a certain thing that I can only ask about
That I can only think to sing
Than I can only sing

It's not the words, it's the sound
How we sink our loves into the ground and down.

Life's an uncertain thing
We can only cast about
I could feel that web today
I could feel that ache

It's not the words, it's the sound
How we plant our love deep in the ground and down.
All around

When it's the kind of pain
That disobeys distance
Seems darkness moves faster
Than the light
What will you find friend?
You're such a fine friend.
I've seen how the flowers grow in your light.
Track Name: Swimming
Hey baby / I'm feeling ginger / I've got blisters on the ends of every finger / I've been working on these songs for long long days / and I guess that I haven't said / all that I wanted to say... / Sometimes / you're taller than others / but everyday you're taller than me / how am I supposed to know / how tall you are today / when you're so far away... / Hey baby / I'm being ginger / you know how fear and doubts can make themselves linger / we've got roots that go deep down / down deeper than clay / we've got different ways to play the game / but our hearts beat the same /
Track Name: Belly
In my pocket my sweet I carry the key to the city.
You didn't notice but I cuffed it at just the right time.
So if you're ever hungry or you've forgotten how to sing
Call across and over and up and over.

"That's silly" Id say, "these things are like breathing."
We'd take deep breaths and then you'd put food into my mouth
You'd say "You'll find that you'll find what you need when you're looking."
You'd put food into my mouth.

"That's silly" I'd say, "these things are like breathing"
We'd take deep breaths and then you might sing into my mouth
About the complicated ways these sounds come out
When you'd sing into my mouth.

"That's silly" we'd say, "these things are like breathing."
We'd take deep breaths and exhale
Every word we've ever choked on you'd say,
"Darlin you're the tonic to my sorrows.
Darlin you're the tonic to my woes.
I'm gonna swallow you whole."

In my belly my sweet I carry the key to the city.
You didn't notice but I ate you at just the right time.
So if you're ever hungry or you've forgotten how to sing,
Just remember you're in my belly.